Associate Professor Jin Tee

Melbourne Complex Spine Surgeon & Neurosurgeon


The ethos of medicine is 'primum non nocere' or first, do no harm. This is a principle that is held dear in this practice. All consultations and views are honest, patient-centred and evidence-based. In this practice, surgery is the last resort and designed specifically to improve quality of life.

Management plans including spine surgeries and neurosurgeries are based on the latest technologies, most up-to-date scientific literature and most importantly, individualised to the patient. This is so as we understand that each person is unique with varying personalities, responsibilities and needs. A/Prof Jin Tee encourages patients to bring their partners and family members to allow robust discussions and informed decision-making.

The practice is also non age-discriminatory. As our mind matures, the body ages. With technological advances, newer minimally invasive techniques allow the reduction of surgical and anaesthetic time, is tissue sparing and reduces blood loss. The potential for recovery is thus maximised. However, it is important to realise that the spine will always continue to age and often, surgery can only be successful in the long term, if lifestyle modifications are suggested and adhered to.

Concluding, decision making is complex and often, life changing. And there are times, when surgical advocation is strong. This is when it represents the only viable option to restore and maintain the patient's ability to function, socialise and be satisfied with life.